Processing Section
1   Weighting Balance (KERN ALS 220-4), max~220gm  
2   Hoizental Ball Mill (Cole Parmer 1 tier)  
3   Attritor Ball Mill (Union Process, 01-HD)  
4   Drying Oven (Thomas Scientific Model 605), max~300oC  
5   Manuel Pellet Press (max~12 ton)  
6   Auto Pellet Press (max~30 ton)  
7   Nembertherm High Temperature Furnace (max~1800oC)  
8   High Temperature Tube Furnace (max~1700oC)  
9   Drying Furnace (max~1000oC)  
10   Techcut 4TM Cutting Mechine (10-500rpm)  
11   Ultrasoni Disk Cutter for SEM and TEM samples  
12   TwinPrep 3TM Grinding/Polishing Mechine (25-500rpm)  
13   Single Wafer Spin Processor (WS-400E-6NPP-LITE)  
Characterization Section
1   Agilent 4287A RF LCR Meter (1MHz-3.5GHz)
2   Agilent LCR Meter (1 kHz - 1 MHz)  
3   Agilent 4991A RF Impedance/Material Analyzer (1MHz-3.5GHz)  
4   Agilent E5071C Newtwork Analyzer (100kHz-4.5GHz)  
5   Dielectric Withstand Analyzer  
6   PANalytical - X-ray diffractometer  
7   UV-Vis Spectrometer  
8   PL  
9   FTIR  
10   Particle Size Analyzer  
11   Densitometer  
12   Glass Dialatometer (DIL 2010 STD)  
13   Digital Micro Hardness Tester  
To use MRL Facilities please download "MRL Use Form", fill it with all the required details, please give information about the hazardous aspects of your samples, sign it yourself and get it signed from your supervisor. Hand over the filled form to MRL Staff. To avoid disappointment in getting results, get a date for processing/test and collection of result from the Staff Member. The results are released upon payment of fees for the specific process.